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Get more clients with effective cold pitching

Effective cold pitching

by Deborah White 🤮 Bet that’s what you think when you think of cold pitching a client. Cold pitching is the LEAST favorite activity of any freelancer. How would you like to cold pitch without feeling like a slimy car salesman telling everyone how great you are and still getting no sales? In the video below, you’ll see four proven techniques to bring your cold pitching to the next level. Instead of feeling like a… Read More »Effective cold pitching

3 Easy Steps to Profitable Social Media Marketing

3 Easy Steps to Profitable social media marketing

Social media marketing is all about brand awareness. But, it’s not enough to get your name out there, is it? You also have to build trust. This is the “social” part of social media marketing. People do not buy from a brand. They buy from a person they trust. In a digital world full of scammers and con artists, building the trust factor is the most important part of building your brand. You also have… Read More »3 Easy Steps to Profitable social media marketing