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7 Steps to Your Social Media Marketing

7-Steps to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Every business knows that today, you need a social media marketing strategy. Having a powerful presence is important. Just throwing up something cutesy might get you attention but will not get you sales. It’s not rocket science, it just takes time, a bit of talent, and tenacity to keep going when you think it’s not working! It works and brilliantly!

Get more clients with effective cold pitching

Effective cold pitching

by Deborah White 🤮 Bet that’s what you think when you think of cold pitching a client. Cold pitching is the LEAST favorite activity of any freelancer. How would you like to cold pitch without feeling like a slimy car salesman telling everyone how great you are and still getting no sales? In the video below, you’ll see four proven techniques to bring your cold pitching to the next level. Instead of feeling like a… Read More »Effective cold pitching

Why I Write

I was on one of my writing groups today and ran across a post where the writers were explaining why they became writers. It got me thinking 🤔, I used to love to write, years ago. I had forgotten that. Now, I’m doing more writing than proofreading, and while doing research to improve my social media ads that I’m writing, I’ve started to remember my long lost love of writing. Ads aren’t the most exciting… Read More »Why I Write

Single Quotation Marks

3 ways to use single quotation marks

How to use punctuation properly is probably one of the YAWNiest subjects around. If you’re a writer or a word nerd like me though, this may prove helpful as the single quotation mark is probably the most misused punctuation mark (next to the comma) there is. Since the UK and the US do things differently, I’ll explain both. There are three very basic and distinct ways to use single quotation marks according to the Chicago… Read More »3 ways to use single quotation marks