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Happy National Punctuation Day!

Happy National Punctuation Day!

Ok, I’m totally . . . what do the British say? Gobsmacked. That’s such a great word! Did you know that in the United States, today is National Punctuation Day? Yep, that’s a real thing. Today, September 24th marks the 17th annual National Punctuation Day.

So what is it you ask? Might as well, I had to, and I’m American for Pete’s sake. So this is it. National Punctuation Day is a day that was created to celebrate TEACHERS! Yes, those unsung heroes that shape young minds.

Anyway, I digress, National Punctuation Day was founded in 2004 by former newspaperman Jeff Rubin to continue “to remind Americans that ‘a comma is not a state of being.’” And, hopefully, underscore the use of proper punctuation.

It has been defined as:

“A celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotes, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons, and the ever-mysterious ellipsis.”

I can really get behind this! My eyes are constantly offended by horrible grammar and sloppy punctuation (if any). I guess that’s why I’m a good proofreader. These mistakes actually hurt my eyes! LOL!

So happy National Punctuation Day! May your comma ever be in the right place.

Deborah White is a seasoned content creator in the digital marketing industry. She has invested many resources into learning her craft over the last ten+ years and loves to share her passion. Her goal is to educate and help grow small businesses who may be struggling with their content creation and marketing needs. She is the author of the eBook, "18 of the Best Email Marketing Strategies Today!" and is currently creating a new eBook called "Step-by-Step Marketing for Small Businesses." Deborah is also an active member of the International Association of Professional Writers and Editors (IAPWE).

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